Project number: 54 89 -MN

Name of organization: Ministry of Health

Project name: e-Health Project

Position: Implementation and Procurement Specialist

Name of management level officer supervising this Staff: Project Coordinator 


The objectives of this assignmentare managing and being accountable for all aspects of procurement activities and being responsible for planning and implementing project management activities and managing related documentation flow under the Project. The Implementation and Procurement Specialist (IPS) will work under the guidance of the Project Coordinator.IPS will be responsible for ensuring that all procurement activities under the Project are carried out in accordance with the Financing Agreement, the Procurement Guidelines, the Consultant Guidelines and the Procurement Plan.


Detailed tasks include but not limited to:

  • Ensure that goods, works and services under the Loan are procured in accordance with Mongolian laws and regulations in relation to procurement and the Bank guidelines and other relevant national laws;
  • Provide assistance as needed to Project Implementing Unit (PIU) staff and evaluation committee/working groups in drafting Terms of Reference, Bidding Documents, Requests for Proposals, defining technical specifications, and negotiating contracts, submitting such documents to the World Bank (Bank) for review and acceptance;
  • Carry out survey of price and technical specifications in relation to procurement, prepare performance reports;
  • Prepare procurement plan of the Project, apply necessary changes, acquire approvals of relevant authorities in a timely manner and implement such plans;
  • Based on the Financing Agreement, and in collaboration with team, develop, review, revise and maintain an up-to-date status of the procurement plan, submitting revisions to the Bank for review and acceptance on a regular basis and as requested by the Bank;
  • Prepare General Procurement Notice and later the necessary other notifications;
  • Prepare the procurement part of the quarterly progress report;
  • Maintain and seek to improve the procurement system implemented at the PIU with the help of other PIU staff (and consultants, if necessary);
  • Establish and maintain in the PIU a data base of letters of interest received from suppliers of goods and services for the purpose of their possible inclusion in future shortlists of consultants;
  • Work with concerned technical Working Groups relevant to the Project subcomponents in the preparation of technical specifications for agreed lists of equipment (including information technology, equipment, office equipment and supplies, vehicles, etc.) to be purchased under the Project according to various procurements methods;
  • Notify winning firms in a timely fashion, and draw up contracts for approval and signature by those individuals authorized to sign on behalf of the MOH, ensuring submission to the Bank of draft contracts requiring prior review and no-objection;
  • Facilitate the importation process for import goods procured under the Loan (including customs clearance, and compliance with other regulations), and the appropriate distribution, installation and use of equipment and other goods procured under the Loan, and maintain an inventory of such equipment;
  • Ensure that all equipment and other goods, civil works, and services procured under the Loan meet the conditions of contracts before payment is made;
  • Establish and maintain on the premises of the PIU an efficient procurement and contracting tracking system (noting important approval dates, awards, contract amounts, etc.) as well as a filing system to ensure a quick retrieval of procurement information by PIU staff, visiting supervision missions, annual auditors, etc.;
  • Maintain regular communication with PIU staff to ensure that procurement tracking information is well-coordinated with other project planning, budgeting and other financial reporting information;
  • Provide assistance in preparing project implementation plan, submitting such documents to related authorities for review and approval;
  • Participate effectively in internal activities within PIU to monitor and audit project implementation progress;
  • Support effective planning and implementation of the Project, and be responsible for implementing efficient project management tools;
  • Assist the PIU in maintaining proper documentation flow throughout the Project;


IMPLEMENTATION AND PROCUREMENT SPECIALIST’S QUALIFICATIONS/SELECTION CRITERIA: Successful applicants shall have a strong background in ICT engineering, procurement and project management. It is important that the applicant possesses a good understanding of procurement related laws, regulations and guidelines of Mongolia and the Bank, and business operations in Mongolia.

The IPS shall have:

  • Minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics;
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in the field of procurement, project management, business analysis, data management service,
  • Relevant experience in Project management information systems (PMIS/PMBOK) and Procurement process management;
  • Deep Knowledge of World Bank’s procurement rules (familiarity with the World Bank’s “Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits”, and “Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by the World Bank Borrowers,” as well as Procurement Law and relevant guidelines of Mongolia) is desirable;
  • Good understanding and previous work experience in preparing of bidding documents, TORs and requests for proposal;
  • Proven capacity of working effectively with government agencies at national level, NGO/CSO and private sector;
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English and Mongolian languages;
  • High integrity and accountability, good team work spirit, good computer skills;

If you possess above qualifications, please apply as per Instructions below:


The applicant should hand-deliver the below listed application materials before the 26thDecember, 2017, 16:00hrs to the following address:

1. Curriculum vitae in English and Mongolian, with recent photo taken within the last 6 months;

2. Notarized copies of University diplomas and relevant Certificates;

3. Copy of the national citizenship ID;

4. Copies of the Labour and Social insurance books (first page and subsequent pages, indicating the employment mobility-notarized copies);

5.Two reference/recommendation letters from current and/or previous employer;

6. Cover letter, describing your qualifications, knowledge and skills suitable for the named position, in English.

7. Notarized copies of certificates evidencing English language proficiency level

Address:National Blood Transfusion and Research Center Building, S. Zorig Street – 2,     E-Health Project, Room # 7, IT specialist E.Tsogoo, Tel: 70115488, e-mail: tsogoo@ehealth-wb.mn

This vacancy notice can be found at http://www.mohs.mn


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